Referral Program Update 11/9/2018 3:52:43 PM

Grow Your Revenues!


So, we cannot keep this a secret any longer: we will soon update our referral program to make it even more rewarding and attractive to all our users! So lets see how it works.


BVA referral program gives you the opportunity to earn money by simply sharing your referral link and getting active users to register on the BVA platform. The more they purchase— the more you earn!


Step 1

Register your free account on BVA’s site and receive a referral ID as well as a personal referral link.

Upgrade your membership to Super Diamond to get maximum Ref commision!

Step 2

Copy the provided link and share it with your colleagues or friends, post it on your social networks, forums or in a personal blog. Wherever you want, but please avoid spamming.
You can invite others to join BVA by using Referral link

Step 3

Monitor and enjoy! Your referral ID, together with other referral tools, are available in the Referrals section inside the BVA platform. The total number of your referrals will become visible in the Referral module.

UP TO 16% !

You could easily track how much additional income you are going to get through the Referral program.

Step 4

Get the payout! The total turnover of your referrals is calculated in USD in real-time, while your remuneration is calculated and will be paid in BTC, ETH or USD.

Hurry to benefit and start earning more from the very first days of the platform’s operation!

BVA team